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"Vampire Weekend" on Kristen Stewart
Vampire Weekend in a interview with an aussie radio "NOVA FM" talk about the admiration they have on Kristen Stewart acting skills, they think she is a pretty good actress and seems, for the way they talked, she inspired them to compose a song.

"Doing soundtracks it is a pretty cool way... just like... to make a stand alone song! Because I think we spend so much time think about like a album... have the songs hook up together... So... Yehh... I do! I like Kristen Stewart! It's not a joke! I mean..."
"What? My relationship?... Is strictly OTR!" "On The Record!"
"An admiration on her acting skills!" "I think she is really a good actress! .... Really! Seriously!"
"I saw the first one a few weeks ago...... I thought it was pretty good... I thought she was the best part!"

Starts at 2:31



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