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"Greg Mottola" on Kristen Stewart
David Lynch already said that Kristen is "ridiculous honest actor", "she is kind of disable of just BE!", "She is not a performer" "sort of not an actor but a movie actor in the true essence" and seems Greg Mottola agree with him.

Greg Mottola on Kristen during a interview for Adventureland:

"I've seen Kristen in a bunch of movies. I've always thought she is amazing! You know... ever since I saw her in Panic Room, I thought she is a fascinating young actress and she is one of those actors who can't be false. She is just incapable be false on screen and there is something about her... she has this quality, mysterious quality... very interesting quality and she emanates tremendous amount of intelligence. So, she is just fascinating to watch!"

Starts at 1:10



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