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Jesse Eisenberg on Kristen Stewart
Seems that everyone, who have already worked with Kristen, have the same opinion about her acting skills and Jess Eisenberg is not an exception! Every one of them tells that she is a real deal! She is not a performer but an actress who is ridiculously honest who can't BE false on screen. David Lych, Greg Mottola, Ryan Reynold, Jake Scott and Melissa Leo already said the same.

Jess Eisenberg on Kristen Stewart in a interview for Adventureland:

"Kristen is like... the most incredible actress... She is so wonderful! I don't think she said one script line in the movie. She so like... realistic and natural... She also is very young, she is 17 now... it was shocked to see somebody like... that age... like... come across so mature and like... lived... I'm sure she has an experience some of this... she's plying a character who suppose is my age... and be younger than me... it's being like overwhelming and she is so wonderful!"

Starts at 1:50



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