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Old / New Sundance 2010 Review of Kristen Stewart by Kirk Honneycutt from the prestigious THR mag.
Very interesting analyze of Kristen Stewart by a chief critic writer for the prestigious THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER magazine, that is more an insider in the Business than a simple entertainment magazine.

It shows how much respect and admiration the people in the business have for Kristen.

It is new for me but as I said above it is from Sundance 2010.

He says:

"Kristen Stewart came to town with two films (The Runaways & Welcome To The Rileys) and I think there was the kind of feeling of "Lets see what that Twilight's girl can really act!" I think that is misplaced because at 19 she is already a veteran!"

"She done a very good job here!"

Note that he talks about the after party and Kristen's Movies Star Attitude but he say that this is OK because she deserves it, she is really a movie's Star now and Sundance 2010 proved it!


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