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I'm so tired of heard people saying that for each good review of Kristen Stewart's acting skills, she get tons of negative reviews!

So I decided to make a statistic based in the reviews of her performances in sites as Rotten Tomatoes (RT), Meta Critics (MC), Movie Review Intelligence (MRI), Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE) and also some others that are not included in these listings.

First, all you get to understand is that the reviews are of the movies! Independently if the movie get a good or bad review, the performances are always noted as a independent thing, because film critics given rates based in several factors. The performances can be analyzed or not, in these reviews, depend on what the film critic think that is relevant in their reviews.

This analyse and compilation will demand a lot of research and a lot of time, so... It will be a slowwwww process. Be sure to return once in while to see what are the numbers for her other performances.

Lets stop the haters and all this BS about her, that she has to prove again that she is a serious actress, a good actress, because these are the people who "supposedly" are the experts in the business!

I will start with "Welcome to the Rileys", after I will do "The Runaways", "Adventureland", "The Cake Eaters" and "Yellow Handherchief" because these are the ones with more data at disposal in the Internet. The other movies, I will do together, because there are not much data from each one of them in the Internet, but mostly, because these are movies that she did from the age of 10 to 15. There is a consensus that she was a talented child actor but most of these 5 films were reviewed after her "over exposure" in consequence of the "Twilight Tsunami". So, what is on the table, right now, is to stop these BS talkings about her acting in her more adult parts.

Lets start!!!

A curiosity:

The movie Welcome to the Rileys has Rotten Tomatoes had 60 reviews, MetaCritic had 29 reviews and Movie Review Intelligence had 29 reviews but some reviews are represented in the two or three of them, so in the end, we have less than 118 reviews.

Some are so absurd that become funny, like Roger Ebert is not on the Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic listings and neither is Mick La Salle. How can any serious statistics be made without them in the list?

Another funny thing is the different interpretation of the reviews that these sites do, because my friends, sites like Metacritic and MRI don't ask the film critics their score, they guess based in their interpretation of the review, if the film critics were not clear, giving the score along with their reviews. Per example: Manohla Dargis gave 3 out 5 in Rotten Tomatoes, so her review became fresh, but MetaCritic gave 50 and MRI said it was moderated. The same happened with KIRK HONEYCUTT. He put a fresh tomatoes in his review but Metacritic and MRI scored it as 50 or moderate. Also happened the same thing with BETSY SHARKEY, she gave 3 out 5, fresh, in Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic and MRI gave 50 or moderate to her review.

The thing is... in Rotten Tomatoes the film critics do the work themselves but it is not the case in Metacritic and MRI. Big distortions, don't you think? In one side, there is Rotten Tomatoes that not consider important reviews, because the person, don't go there to put his or her review for general analyses but in other side, Metacritic and MRI don't consider a lot of reviews because they are not from important newspapers and magazines and also they do some of the scores based on their interpretation of the reviews, not in actually opinion of the film critics because they don't ask them....

If the positive reviews from Roger Ebert and Mick LaSalle were considerated in Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic, as well, if MetaCritic and MRI would have asked and not interpreted the reviews from Manohla Dargis, Betsy Sharkey and Kirk Honeycutt, the final number and the final analyses referent to this movie would probably be other than the actual one and would be a more positive one, for sure.

Things like that make you think if these statistics are a good parameter for anyone to base their choices of movies to go and see.

Just saying...

Anyway... We are not here for analyse these numbers. We just used these listings as a base to do a statistic of the reviews of Kristen Stewart's performance in this particular movie.

See the next post for the compilation's reviews and the statistics


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